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Posted: 03/08/2010 in Privat Server RF


Bagi para pecinta RF sejati.. nie ada rf baru.. masih baru teman2…

Ramai kan ACC ya… xixixixiix…

Welcome To RF-VIP

– Exp – x150.
– PT – xGM.
– Force, Skills – xGM.
– Drop – x95.

– Free PvP Final Update server. Many addons. No playing GMs.
– 50/60 int weapon, armor.
– Golden Mau/Siege Kit/Level 65 Isis.
– Relic weapons at Npc, and box items at npc and drops at mobs.
– Hero/Elven Weapons.
– No +6 donations and NO CORUPTION.
– CashShop in all HQ (dope, jewellery, modifiers).
– Armor shop (53 int, 55 int, 60 int) in all HQ.
– Shop of Teleports to all pit bosses in all HQ.
– The price to sale of mob loots – 30 is increased.
– Pit boss drop chance are corrected.
– The price for charges is reduced.
– The price for an obsidional complex is reduced.
– Accretia Shop – added grenades (3 000 charges).
– Animus are very powerful.
– Sealed relict drop from boss.
– All Animus Cora are given (49 lv mage).
– A Great Friendly Community and Staff. Our server is International, everyone is welcome!

Link >>

Full Patch
Client 223
Patch terbaru 27 july

Absen >>
Nick : Jane
Bangsa : Acc
Job : Striker Only
Lvl : 50 +
Guild : Gelandangan.. xixixiixix…

  1. Suhaimi says:

    Ga bsa Register…
    The Requested URL could Not Be retrived

    Ada Pencerahan?

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