NEW Celestia Luna Online Internasional (august 22nd,2010)

Posted: 30/08/2010 in Game Online

Hello, everyone.

Welcome back to Celestia Luna! We are truly sorry about the extended downtime but we are sure you will be happy with the new Celestia Luna.

The server is currently in alpha phase. We are now able to resolve any bugs/crashes/etc in the game and this alpha phase will be purely for finding all the major bugs and resolving them to keep the server stable. Once we are satisfied with the servers stability we will move onto the beta phase.

Once the beta phase is live we will be doing a major upgrade to all game content. This will include things such as LUNA Plus items/maps/monsters/etc.

We have already made some big improvements that we think you will all enjoy. A few examples are:
o Massive performance increase to both server + client.
o Ability to create both male/female characters on 1 account.
o Gold bug has been resolved.
o Daily database backups.

This is only the start of many many more improvements to come. Things such as map blackouts, storage bugs, etc, etc will all be resolved as soon as we encounter them.

That is all for now, we are looking forward to taking our place back as the #1 Luna Online private server and we will do so without a doubt.

~ Celestia Luna Staff

Celestia Luna Online internasional.

Rate :

Experience Rate 200

Drop Rate 200x

Harus punya Client Baru (you must have new client to play this game)

Registrasi :


Web :


Download Client :

Click Here


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