RF Olympic Server Internasional (better than RF Reactor)

Posted: 31/08/2010 in Privat Server RF
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The Bellato Strike Back Episode 2 Part 2 Update3

  • 100x Pvp Server
  • Highly secured server.
  • Experienced Team. (We don’t just claim to be, we are, notice on your own..)
  • Stable. No lag. Premium bandwidth (Depending on your location you may experience delay, this has nothing to do with our server.)
  • Antibot System.
  • Custom Economy.
  • Custom Events.
  • MAX donations +5
  • 50/56 Unlock Quest
  • Dragon Armor
  • New Warhammer Armors
  • Priate Launcher and Anticheat
  • RFOlympic has rates:

    Dynamic EXP:

    lvl50 – х100EXP

    lvl50-56 – x300EXP

    lvl56-65 – 600EXP
    Get ore: х10
    Drop: х30
    Resources price: х60
    EXP: Animus (after 56lvl): х1500
    PT: xGM PT: xGM
    We place our server in Top DataCenter. The server has a 1Gb\s port.
    Configuration: 2x Xeon Quad-Core 5410 2.33GHz 12MB Cache / Ram 16x FBDIMM 8GB /2x HDD 147 GB [SAS]-[RAID 0] 15k rpm/ 1GB/s-[LAN]


    Client 223
    Patch new 27 07.08.2010
    Patch new 27 08.08.2010

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