RF Chaotic Black Edition 2.2.3 (BR)

Posted: 24/10/2010 in Privat Server RF

RF Chaotic Black Edition
lvl caps 75
Exp rate :
1-30 50x
30-56 5000x
56-61 250x
61-66 5000x
66-70 100x
70-75 500x

animus epx 500x

PT all GM

drop 30x
sell rate 1 slot gli/beam/rian 50jt

Dragon Armor lvl 70 dan 75 in NPC
armor SS lvl 60 in NPC
Leon High  in NPC
Clocking booster NPC [just 495.000 Gold]

Patch megaupload
Patch Rapidshare
Patch Mediafire partial
patch 1
patch 2
patch 3

  1. cristyan says:

    bom bom esse jogo

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