RF Phoenyxgames Exp medium (BR)

Posted: 31/10/2010 in Privat Server RF
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RF Phoenyxgames

Server rate
Exp: 600x
Skill/Force/PT: GM
Animus: 15000x
Quests 50/56: OFF
Sell Rate: 400kk (gli)

Elem: 25/20 e 25/25 Flem
Elemental DH PB Jetso (Sette)
Set Dragon 65 PB Flem (Sette)
Weapon Crimson (Rare D) 65 PB KweleSocon (Sette)
Armas Leon 50 and 55 : Elf Land

Set Ref Lv 35-65
Armor Ref Lv35-65
Cash Shop
Tele all PB
T5 and Talicas

Client 2.2.3
Register and game cp
Patch Megauploud
Patch 4shared
Patch sendspace
Patch direct link

RF merger dari rf bloody..  so log in pake id rf bloody bisa.. Lebih di urus GM..katanya.. thanks..

  1. Anymously says:

    ui kk diperbaharui dunk Link Regisny
    gk isa nie

  2. IqiHaqiqi's says:

    itu patchnya cuma 1 ?
    di extract here kan ?

  3. reza says:

    kk kok eror trus pas udh selese nge update nya??

  4. daffa says:

    gw gk ngerti bhsa registernya ….
    bantuin dong

  5. syihab says:

    oi bingung tingkat 10000000 gw ajarin cara buat ID dunkkkkkk….
    ato gk kasih cara cepatnya dimana gitu…

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