RF G Alliance
Status : pergantiian dari RF BEEN
Status Server : ON
Archon and Dewan None

Sell Rate Gli High


Drop List:
… Flem:Elemental Medium Dan Capsule Ganti job + Booster 50
Draco Elan:Talic
Calliana Archer:T4
ALL PB Elan:Gold Capsule 5k-10k Dan Teleport Potion
PB RL:Gold Capsule 10k-20k
PB Markas:Rune Dan Gold Capsule 27
Giant Baba:T3
Bulky Lunker (Sette) : stable 4-6 type B
ScudLava Elan:Leon 50 Med
sette t:Jade Lvl
ABX Elan:Relic 55
PB Golden Pig Sette:Pvp 50
Chip Drop:LGS
Eldi Croche Elf:Elemental HDH

Alchemist: All Pot 5k Dan Cash Shop
Foreign Vendor: ALL PB
NPC: Armor 55-65 Int Slot 6
Npc: Senjata 55-65 Int Slot 6
NPC: Shield 55-65 Int Slot 6

event : first Archon – Weapon PVP +7
: first dewan kanan and kiri – Weapon PVP +5 .

No Wipe No over damage

http://www.facebook….AllianceFoRaLL/ <<<Grup faceboook
http://upload.ugm.ac…ch10Mei2012.rar <<<<< patch

http://rf.g-alliance.in/Gcp/ <<< register

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