Posted: 16/05/2012 in Privat Server RF
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Server Rate
Type : PVP Server

Exp : 1500x

Drop : 200x

Animus : 75000x

Quest 50/56 : Off

Quest Standard Lv : On

Player Non Donate Max Upgrade : +7

Donate Max Upgrade : +7

Deff/Attack Mau : Fixed

Attack Animus : Fixed

Farm Booty : Gli


Forging Success : Increased

Elf Land : Off

Event : Dadakan / Harian / Mingguan / Bulanan

Urutan Weapon Terkuat : Relic 45 -> Saint [Rare B] -> Relic 55 -> Relic 65 No Over

NPC List

NPC Cash Shop = OD 1 Rasa, Generator, Charm, Jade, Portal Ether & Belphegor

NPC Upgrader Shop = Stable 5-7B [Igno, Chaos, Favor, Grace, Darkness, Mercy]

NPC White Hole = Resto talic and Elemental PF @Gold

NPC Crawler Sette = Perbekalan PVP High + Item Combination Facility

NPC Weapon B 35-65 = Weapon 50-65 [Rare B] Slot 7

NPC Armor B 35-65 = Armor 50-65 [Rare B] Slot 7

NPC Shield B 35-65 = Shield 50-65 [Rare B] Slot 7

NPC Rare Tool = Booster 50 Anti Critical Slot 7

NPC Potion = Potion HP Premium, FP, MP Full

NPC Elan = Relic 45 + 7 Ignorant

NPC Ambassador = Active

NPC Golden Pig = Deactive


Drop List

Young Flem drop Siar Bliden

Wing drop Elemental High

Caliana Attrock drop Talic [Ignorant, Favor, Chaos, Grace, Darkness, Mercy]

Caliana Crue drop Gli

Caliana Archer drop LGS

Kurr drop Exelciar Black, Yellow, White A Type

Giant Baba drop Talic Crystal

Bulky Lunker drop Stable 6-7B [Igno, Chaos, Favor, Grace, Darness, Mercy]

Red Haired Splinter drop Exelciar Black, Yellow, White B Type

Draco Elan drop Wisdom Ability for Booster

Devastator Elan drop Aiming Ability for Booster

Naroom Captain drop Exelciar Black, Yellow, White C Type

PB HQ & Benteng drop Rune

PB Belphegor drop Leon 55 High Random Slot

PB Chief John Ether, Sette now Include Elven Wand One Handed

PB Elan drop Relic 55 Type C Random Slot

PB 3D Elan : Off (Not Implemented Right Now)

PB Eternal Flame Draco drop Box Elemental Buast & Snow Spray Piece

PB Ring Leader Blood Axe drop Box Elemental Outcasted & Dual OD


Website : www.rf-maxima.tk
Register :
Full Patch : http://www.mediafire…8o3osgu2c2crvft
Event every week : Archon + Seluruh Dewan berhak di pinjamkan 1 buah Relic 55+7

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