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New Update Server Golden Age ( Versi 223.2 )

Fitur Terbaru Golden Age
* New Map medicallab2 ( Map Bio Lab Lantai 2 )
* New Armor & Weapon 75
* New Armor Dewan Lv 75
* New Weapon Gold Lvl 80 ( Hanya Bisa Didapatkan Didalam Game )
* New Armor Gold Lv 80 ( Hanya Bisa Didapatkan Didalam Game )
* Lv 51 – 66 Lvling @Out Cast
* Lv 66 – Lv 75 Lving @Map Elven
* Lv 75 – 80 Lvling @Bio Lantai 2


PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming

Posted: 12/12/2010 in Game
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Image of PC gaming

In this world, there is two kind of Gamers. The first is those who obsessed with PC gaming and those who prefer to play a Console Game.

Console gaming

For several reason, most of them want to spent their time to play because they dont have other activities and some of them play because they got ” Stressed ” by their daily activities.

For example :
Joe is a FPS [ First Person Shooting ]game maniac, and he dont like to use a joystick to play his favourite game.. So he use Keyboard and mouse instead of using a joystick.

and Billy is a soccer maniac , he like to play a soccer game and he’s familiar with joystick.. but he hate play a soccer game in pc because he dont familiar with mouse and keyboard.

from those example we can conclude that we have our own favourite
game and Gaming Rig… So. Do what you want.. !!