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– Max lv 100
– 3rd job available
– MAU lv 100
– Animus lv 80
– Siege lv 80
– trap & tower lv 80
– Weapon, Armor, Shield up to lv 90
– Elven map active
– PT Force Skill GM



• Server rate 500x
• Drop rate dallant 50x
• Drop rate item 50x
• Mining 100x
• ANIMUS 500x

Armor 63 intens @turncoat templar elan
Box upgrade @Draco elan
Ele hight @wing
Item mall @Hq holic shop

Save Upgrade +7 (with box)



Posted: 24/03/2011 in Privat Server RF
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• Lv cap 66
• LV 7 – 65 Weapon,Armor,and Shield Sold on NPC
• Booty 20x
• EXP 150x
• Animus 4000x
• Mining 50x
• Drop 20x
• Disable Auction , Mail System
• Disable Reward Item Quest
• Disable Auction, Mail, & Reward item Quest
• GM Fairplay & Friendly
• Customer Support 24 hours
• First Private Server Using Game Guard
• Maximal Weapon and Armor +5 [ Updateable ]
• Using GameCP [ Vote Point Enabled


exp x99999
Animus x9999
loot x999
Skill & PT GM
Max Dalant, CP, Disena  3M
Armor 65 int & weapon 65 int in NPC
Uniqe Armor 70 & Weapon 70 in NPC


RF Milenium BR 2.2.3

Posted: 16/03/2011 in Privat Server RF
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client 2.2.3
Max level 65
rate Exp: 900x
Skill/Force/PT: GM
rate Animus: 9000x
Quests 50/56: OFF
Sell Rate: 400kk
Buffs: 5000sec
New Skill Melle


RF BCG 2.2.3



– Exp: 100x
– Drop: 10x
– Sell: 100x
– Mining: 10x
– PT, Skill, Force: GM
– Animus: 5000x


RF Astray

Rate :
Exp Rate – 200x
Drop Rate – 30x
Animus – 500x
Mining – 10x
Booty – 10x
Gli di jual 200 juta 1 slot



1. NPC “Hero” sold capsule recovery experiment to 100%. (Helps if you have fallen from the mob and you have to lvle (any lvle) appeared to lag 99%)
2. U Move Coordinators in GS races sold various teleports BOP. Number of selling natural cartridges in a pack at the bow and firearms was increased from 1000 to 30000.
3. In “Purchasing” race Akretiya sells a variety of ammunition for a grenade launcher, the number of cartridges in a pack so it was increased to 30000.
4. The collectors of all races Taliko sell all kinds of taliks. Price = 1 pc 4.4kk racial currencies, excluding talik “Oblivion” price of 1 unit = 1.1kk racial currency.
5. Spells and Generators tenure, which was increased up to 1 week (168 hours). Have been moved to the Personal Store of the Cabinet, that is, they are sold only for bonuses for the vote. If you need to get rid of the generators, or spells, you can sell them to NPCs.
7. Shavings for specialists (for installation turrets) are sold in “Cash Shop” pieces, meaning you will need to craft your desired type of chip to set the turret. Price chips is very low.
8. NPC “Cash Shop” sells a variety of doping, the joint venture banks, and large amounts of PT. Extras on the dmg and def +40% Max, Zelenka MAX 2.5 seconds.
10. NPC “Military supplier on Elan sold mines and turrets from 50 to 65 lvl.
11. NPC “Merchant INT Shield (35-65) sold Elf Shields and Shield INT lvl 65
12. NPC “Merchant INT Armour (53-65) sold INT lvl 65 armor
13. 65 INT weapons can be found at the dealer, “merchant INT Arms (35-65)
14. Relics also are sold in GS races “Merchant relic Gun”
15. NPC “NPC outstanding things for PvP points” are spells and generators for 1.1.k PvP-Points, tenure 5 days (120ch.)


RF Phoenyxgames

Server rate
Exp: 600x
Skill/Force/PT: GM
Animus: 15000x
Quests 50/56: OFF
Sell Rate: 400kk (gli)


Rate :

Exp 1 hit to 65, 50x to 75

PT GM, Force GM

No Quest 50 & 56

Sell Rate (Gli, Bean, Rian) 400kk

Farming 65  sette desert

Safe Zone in Elf

Ecelsiar drop Wings